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Why Anvayaa?

Because We Care.


Did you know?

In the 2001 census, out of 19.31 crore households, 9.98 crores or 51.7% were nuclear households, whereas the rest lived in a joint family. In the 2011 census report, it was recorded that the share grew to 52.1% — 12.97 crore nuclear out of 24.88 crore households. In simpler terms, people living in joint families fell substantially from 19.1% (3.69 crores) to 16.1% (4 crores) across India.

As the culture of living in a joint family in India is declining, the elders are seriously affected. Even, for the children, it becomes a very tough choice, between a better career or staying back. We understand the stress, respect all choices, and have therefore come together to form the Anvayaa Family. Here, neither the elders feel isolated nor the children feel stressed.

Industry Analysis

Imagine being a part of something that truly matters and maps the impact to Sustainable Development Growth. Being a part of Anvayaa Family is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that currently has the potential to cater to a Senior Care India Market that is est. to be of $10 billion with is expected to have an annual growth rate of over approximately 20% for the Indian senior care industry.

In 2015, Anvayaa did a door-to-door survey and visited around 500 family especially elders. We were shocked by our observations.  As discussed with the elders, we understood the gap in healthcare issues. The data was quite different from what we expected. It was recorded that, 30% of elders required healthcare assistance, and the rest 70% felt lonely, isolated and lacked emotional support. It was also noted that 95% of elder as per the survey preferred living in their own home. It was then when we understood the problem and worked towards its solution.

Understanding the Problem

There are plenty of elders in India who do not have their kin nearby and struggle to navigate the environment for routine and emergency needs. It was recorded, that around 3.6 million people die every year because of logistics issues to access health care in time.

It is not just the unavailability of timely health care, but a lot of other factors that come into play.

The main question that arises is, do we Care for our Elders Enough?  What is the Solution? and How can we make this world a Happy Place for all Elders?

Knowing the Solution

Apart from being compassionate and patient, it is equally vital to work on the issue. Providing high touch personalized services to elders that can impart a sense of empowerment & dignity; Using Optimal Technology-Based solutions for efficient care and predictable services; Providing ‘Pro-Active Care Solution’; and Delivering Peace of Mind, Convenience, Emergency Assistance, Health, Social and Daily Needs.

And this is exactly what we, at Anvayaa do. Along with providing Non-Intrusive and Simple Technology-based at Home for Elderly Care, that is made available for the seniors to monitor them real-time and be connected with the 24×7 care via the help of wearable IoT and AI-based solutions.

Anvayaa aims to be the support system for all ageing parents who live by themselves. We want to help people who feel worried, stressed, sad and fearful that they cannot look after their parents due to the distance and physical absence. We assist the elderly in health, emergency, daily care and have proven to be the ‘One-Stop-Solution’ for all elderly care. Not only health care, but our organization also provides physical and emotional care for senior citizens and work towards engaging them at social gatherings and activities.

We are determined to achieve this milestone of making health care accessible and creating a happy place for the senior citizens, with help of our Anchors. Not only this, we expect to expand the chain Pan India and Overseas too.  We are looking for Anvayaa Anchors who are as ambitious as we are, towards our services for the elder and who will drive the concept with the purpose to serve society at first

Come, Be a proud part of Anvayaa Family.

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