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Know Your Entrepreneurial Skills

    I am not afraid to try new things which others might be afraid of doing.
    I always see a new opportunity clearly.
    I feel that it is my responsibility to help a beggar at the traffic signal.
    I am a fast learner.
    I like people who follow a strict daily routine.
    People opposing something I am doing makes me uneasy.
    When I read I always feel that I gain knowledge
    I value and highly depend on the opinions of my close friends and family.
    I feel that I can improve my driving skills even more.
    I can easily volunteer to become a Santa clause at work if none agrees.
    I always help my friends in financial problems.
    I exactly know how crypto currency works.
    I will really enjoy a walk alone into the forest from a wild resort where I am with my classmates.
    Two of my close associates treat me as their mentor.
    I always have taken lead to organize by school re-union.
    If I am challenged, I will definitely run a full marathon in 3 months.
    I strongly feel that God Always bails me out from difficult situations
    If a child falls into a deep hole, I will immediately jump without thinking much.
    In an emergency situation I will jump the signal without a second thought
    I don’t like to always keep the furniture to my convenience

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