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Anvayaa Anchor

At Anvayaa, we are willing to create a better, healthy and happy living space for elders and strive each day to make that happen. We’d love it if you come on board with us. At Anvayaa, we like to call our franchise partners, Anchor, as they will now be responsible for controlling and building the ground for the business in that region/city. We believe in welcoming our anchors with open arms to be a part of the Anvayaa family.

Once we review your profile, in just four simple steps, you can be Anvayaa’s Anchor

Let’s get Acquainted

This will be the very first step, and we are waiting to get to know you better and would love to answer all your questions and queries with regards to Anvayaa. This will give both of us a better picture and understanding if you are would make it as Anvayaa’s Anchor. Once you have a clear idea and are determined to pursue franchising, we will move one step forward.

Action Time

The second step includes the brand opportunity presentation. At this step, we will disclose our Franchise documents too you. Apart from this, we would require all the necessary information from your end, and will review all the possible prospects.

Be a Part

Well, you are almost there, at this stage you will have the opportunity to capture what becoming a franchise partner with Anvayaa truly looks like. Post this, our executive will get in touch with you for an interview round.

Get on Board

This is the last and final step. Are you ready to be a part of Anvayaa Family? By this stage you will have a better understanding and an opportunity to see the founding branch in action. You will have to fill up an EOI form, and once your allocated location has been approved, along with all the other terms and conditions; you are eligible to sign the Franchise Agreement, provide the necessary documents and fee.

Hurray! You are Ready and a Part of Anvayaa Family!

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